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Afficheur de prix ZQ-VFD2600

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The customer display series is compatible with the Epson mode, with a three-level adjustable height. The power supply adapter is optional.


  • EPSON emulation compatible
  • Support Chinese character & graphic displaying
  • 3 level pole for length adjusting
  • Adaptor of wide power input range for easy using
  • Aluminum housing and fanless design.
  • Customized main board with few cable connections makes neat frame


Zonerich Customer Pole display is widely used in kind of POS solutions :

  • Hospiality solutions
  • Retail Cashier Systems
  • Car Parking Systems

Fiche technique


Display Method Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Display Type 24(Lines) x 120(Columns)
Language Supported English
Characters Font 10 Characters/line (Font: 12X12)

20 Characters/line (Font: 6X12)

Character Set 96 ASCll
Emit Color Green
Drive Mode Dynamic
Audio No
Emulation EPSON, Nortriake, futaba, PL-200, UTC Standard, ENHANCE, AEDEX, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220 (PTC),LOGIC, POS7300, UTC, EMAX
Elevation 0-90 °
Ports 1x USB, 1XRS232(0r:>tional)
COM Port(Optional) Baud rate from 2400BPS to 19200BPS (9600BPS as default)
Power DC 12V, 1A
Power Consumption <4W
Environment Work Temp. and Humidity: -10-55°C, 35-85%RH
Storage Temp. and Humidity: -20-65°C, 10-85%RH
Height Supported 170mm, 170+120mm, 170+120+120mm
Display Panel Sizes 206x118x283mm
Display Base Sizes 206x118x403mm
Package Sizes 206x118x523mm
Weight 1.0kg


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