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Zonerich 1D barcode laser scanner has a high recognition capability. The appended stand holder frees your hands well, and is more suitable for mass scanning jobs while in automatic scanning mode. The universal three optional data connection ports (RS232, PS2, USB) are quite flexible for different rustomers.


  • Barcode type: EANS, EAN13, Code128, Code39, Code93, Codebar125
  • Scan speed:74 scans/second
  • Reading accuracy:0.10-0.852mm
  • Reading distance:10-520mm
  • Self-service ordering save labor cost.


  • 1D handheld laser scanner
  • Wider width of field than a typical CCD
  • Scan rate at 74 reads/sec for single line scanning
  • Ultra low error rate at 1/million
  • Small size with manual and automatic scanning mode
  • Three popular data ports: RS232, PS2, USB

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Catégorie :
Illuminant Type 650nm Laser
Application Handheld or Put on stand
Error Rate 1/1,000,000
Safety Spec National secondary laser safety standards
Readable Barcode Types UPC-A, UPC-E, Industrial 2 of 5, EAN8, EAN13, Code 128, EAN128, Code39, Code93, Codabar 125 etc.
Port Options RS232, PS2, USB
Scanning Trigger Manual / Automatic
Readable Distance 25cm (250cm2 ); 19.5cm (125cm2); Bern (small area)
Data Transfer Speed RS232 Baud rate 2400 – 38400
Resolution (pcs0.9) 0.1Omm (4mil)
Readable Width Range 60mm @ 30mm (distance); 90mm @ 100m (distance)
Scan Depth 10-420mm (pcs0.9, density0.25)
Scan Speed 74 reads/sec
Scan Accuracy 0.10 – 0.825mm
Scan Distance 10 – 520mm
Elevation Angle 60°
Deflection Angle 50°
Work Temperature -20° – 45°
Storage Temperature -20° – 45°
Operation Humidity 5% – 85%
Storage Humidity 5% – 85%
Power DC 5V
Work Current 120mA
Static Current 30mA
Environment Luminance Sunlight 3.000 lux max.
EMI EN50081, PAR1
Anti-EMI EN50082, PAR1
Water Proof IEC529, IP42
Sizes (L x W x H) 160mm x 65mm x 90mm
Material ABS, PC, TE
Weight 139g (without cable)


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